Punkin Patch Game is live for Beta Testing!

Cuyler Pagano
1 min readSep 18, 2022

Following the success of the Punkin Patch Comic, Abraxas has released a close Beta of their game! If you own a Crypto Punkin NFT you can now play the Punkin Patch Game which is open for Beta Testing!

Punkin Patch Game

The Crypto Punkin NFT is a collection of 666 Pumpkin Head Punks which launched in October of 2021. The Crypto Punkins NFTs sold out in under 15 minutes however you can still purchase one on a secondary market like OpenSea.

The Punkin Patch Game is currently gated for only NFT holders using web3 technology. To play the Beta you will need to verify you own one of the Punkins NFTs by connecting your wallet to the dApp.

After you play you can send your valuable feedback to the developers to improve the qualify of gameplay. The Beta looks to open to the public in early October and will be available on Android, iOS and through the web!

For more information join the Abraxas discord at: https://discord.com/invite/abraxas



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